Fades and Blowout Tapers at Hinsdale Barber Shop

Fades and Blowout Tapers at Hinsdale Barber Shop

Whether you’re looking to try a fade or a taper haircut, you can find the right style for you at Hinsdale Barber Shop. Our stylists are experts at these cuts, and we can help you achieve your desired look.

Both fades and tapers are a great option for men. The difference is that a taper is less drastic, and it involves gradually shortening your hair length.


Fades are one of the newest trends in haircuts, and they’re perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish and put together. They can also be used as the base for more intricate hairstyles.

There are several different types of fades, including low, mid, and high fades. It’s important to know what type of fade you want before you go to the barber. This will help you decide which clipper guard to use, so your barber can give you the exact look you’re after.

You can also find inspiration for a fade by looking at photos on social media. This will give you a better idea of what styles you like and which ones would work well with your facial shape. Once you’ve narrowed down your favorite looks, bring them in for a consultation with your barber. They’ll be happy to help you find the perfect fade for you! Getting the right haircut can make all the difference in how you feel about your appearance.

Blowout Tapers

A blowout taper is one of the newest trends in haircuts. It is a style that blends a fresh fade and short sides with longer, voluminous top hair. It’s the ideal haircut for men with long hair, but it can also be adapted for shorter hair.

You can add lines or shapes to your blowout haircut to create a unique look. You can also use texturizing products to give your blowout haircut more texture and volume.

To get a great blowout taper haircut, you should choose a barber with extensive training. A well-trained barber will understand your needs and know how to make you feel comfortable. In addition, they will be able to recommend the best haircut for your face shape and head size. To find the right barber, you can try Jose or Aken who specialize in these types of styes.

Tapered Haircuts

A tapered haircut offers both texture and contrast between your longer top and shorter sides, perfect for balancing your face shape. You can use styling products like pomade and wax to give it a polished finish.

To maintain your tapered haircut, wash it two to three times per week with lukewarm water and use a mild shampoo. Keep it healthy by applying a leave-in

conditioner to your scalp and hair to avoid dryness and breakage.

Tapers and fades are some of the newest trends in haircuts. However, many people and barbers misuse these terms interchangeably. The difference is that a taper gradually changes the length of your hair down the back and sides while a fade simply shortens your hair to a lower or zero-guard level. If you tell your barber that you want a taper, be sure to specify the desired length of the top and how high or low the cut should start.

Fade Haircuts

The fade haircut is one of the newest trends in men’s hair. Whether you’re looking for something more casual or edgy, this style can make you look instantly cooler and pulled together. A well-executed fade can also be low maintenance depending on your natural hair growth rate and face shape.

Essentially, a fade is any kind of haircut where the barber reduces your length down the sides and back of your head until it’s a certain level of shortness. But the nuances of this men’s hairstyle are endless.

For example, your barber may choose to cut your hair a skin fade (which is completely bald) or a high fade which starts higher on your head and gives you a more dramatic contrast. Another variation of this popular style is a box fade, which creates an even tighter taper around your head. It’s important to talk with your barber about where you want the fade to begin and end, because this will determine what type of haircut you’re getting.