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How often should a guy get a haircut?

The line between casual and unkempt can be thin, making it challenging to know how long to wait to get a haircut. Some men look better right after they have their hair trimmed, while other men look better a week or two after they have had a haircut. It all depends on how their hair grows.

The length and style of your hair is the main factors that determines how often you should get it cut. Shorter hairstyles require more upkeep. If your hair is longer, you will not need to go the barber as frequently. Consider two of 2018s most popular hairstyles. The business shaggy style made popular by Timothée Chalamet features long, cleaned-up layers that work well on straight, wavy, or curly hair. Because the style is on the longer side, you can go six to eight weeks between haircuts. Most barber shops offer lineups, clean crisp lines and shaved neck to look good in between cuts . For the businessman that needs to look their best at all times.

This will maintain the balance between professional and casual while also helping to establish the layers. On the flip side, a classic crop requires more upkeep. To maintain this hairstyle— which features short sides with a longer top— you should get your haircut every three to five weeks. If you have the skills to clean up the neckline on your own, you can wait a little longer in between cuts.

The best thing you can do is to have a conversation with your barber. Your barber will usually ask you questions about how you wear your hair and how long you have gone since your last trim. This conversation will help them determine how to cut your hair, but it can also help you figure out the how often you should be getting your haircut. You know your hair better than anyone, so you can give the barber the information they need to give accurate advice. You know the oddities that happen when your hair starts to grow out. You also have an understanding about the concerns you have, whether that’s thinning or the emergence of cowlicks. A competent barber can take all of this information and give you a advice on what is the best style for your hair. They can also advise you on how long to go in between haircuts to maintain the hairstyle that you want.