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How often should a guy get a haircut?

The line between casual and unkempt can be thin, making it challenging to know how long to wait to get a haircut. Some men look better right after they have their hair trimmed, while other men look better a week or two after they have had a haircut. It all depends on how their hair grows.

There are so many different hairstyles for men to choose from that finding the right one for you can be a tough task. The unlimited options is why some men just pick a style that seems to work well and then stick with that same haircut for years.

If you cannot claim with full certainty that your favorite style - the one you wear most often - is what looks best on you, then it might be time for you to find a new way to style your hair. Hairstyles for men compliment the wearer best when the style is chosen based on how well it flatters the face.

This past year saw a break from the norm; an increasing number of men threw away the practice of requesting their usual and arrived at the barber shop every week with a brand new look in mind.

In 2017, this change in behavior is expected to become even more widespread. Here are three of the coolest haircuts that are going to be asked for increasingly in the coming year:

Getting student haircuts in Chicago isn’t always as simple of a task as it should be. Students want a certain look at a price they can afford but what they often find is that the best haircuts are too expensive and a lot of the cheap barbers have yet to achieve a certain level of skill.

With a busy class schedule, academic work to complete, and usually a part-time job, the time that it takes to find the best barber shop for students can prove either fleeing or nonexistent. Here are some tips to help students find the kind of barber they want and need:

The Hinsdale Christmas Walk 2016 is set to take place on December 2, 2016 from 4pm to 8pm This event is in its 51st year and has become a deeply ingrained part of holiday tradition not only for the village as a whole but within the families that have become rooted there.

For some attendees, this will be their first time participating in the Hinsdale Christmas Walk and many of those who’ve never experienced it are still debating in their minds whether they should go. If you have the opportunity to participate this year, we at Hinsdale Barber Shop would like to encourage you to do so - it’s not something to miss.

There are two major lessons that we’ve learned in the over 45 years that Hinsdale Barber Shop has been in business: our customers have high expectations and filling barber vacancies is rough work - the first fuels the latter.

While the barbers are the ones who craft the style, it’s our customers who shape our expectations for the barbers needed at our shop. We work hard to make our customers feel welcome, comfortable, and enjoy the experience. We want them to look great as they leave our barber shop - looks on their faces impacts the look of their hairstyles! And having a stream of grumpy people be seen flowing out of our shop isn’t great for business. Consistent customer satisfaction is one of the key elements that has allowed Hinsdale Barber Shop to stay in business for decades.