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Many of those who possess discerning tastes for quality find authentic Chicago style haircuts absolutely alluring. As it turns out, the city is known to be home to a superior level of barbering skill.

This aspect of Chicago’s reputation is so notable that barber shops across the country claim to offer this style, hoping that it helps them attract more customers - often, it does help their business.

But what are Chicago style haircuts? Is there a specific list for this category of cuts? No, you won’t find a collection of mass-produced styles from which to order by name as you sit in the chair being wrapped in a drape; these haircuts can only be identified by their remarkable precision. How can you get one? And how can you tell it’s authentic when you do? Well, there is a way: know your haircuts and your history.

Often Imitated…

Chicago is home to many important things, like the Bears, the Cubs, and the world’s first barber school. In 1893, that first school was opened by Arthur Bass Moler, who also authored the first barber’s textbook, called The Barber’s Manual.

The school was a tremendous success right from the start; it gained much notoriety and grew rapidly. It soon had branches in almost every major U.S city. It was novel because it transformed the perception of the barber profession, highlighting and justifying the dignity of passionate barbers, infusing the industry with higher standards while raising customer expectations.

Never Emulated...

A Chicago style haircut is a masterpiece more of skill than creativity. It can be crafted only by the hands of a barber whose origin of learning can be briefly traced back to that first school and who is proven in providing that superior quality of haircut.