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There are two major lessons that we’ve learned in the over 45 years that Hinsdale Barber Shop has been in business: our customers have high expectations and filling barber vacancies is rough work - the first fuels the latter.

While the barbers are the ones who craft the style, it’s our customers who shape our expectations for the barbers needed at our shop. We work hard to make our customers feel welcome, comfortable, and enjoy the experience. We want them to look great as they leave our barber shop - looks on their faces impacts the look of their hairstyles! And having a stream of grumpy people be seen flowing out of our shop isn’t great for business. Consistent customer satisfaction is one of the key elements that has allowed Hinsdale Barber Shop to stay in business for decades.

Here are the qualities we need to fill our barber vacancies with:

Crafty with the cuts - Meeting and especially exceeding customer expectations at any barber shop depends on giving him or her exactly what they came in for - a great, professional haircut. The barbers needed must produce haircuts worth paying for and worth coming back for every single time.

Versatile skill, adaptable style - We at Hinsdale Barber Shop take a lot of pride in delivering what the customer wants. Over the years we’ve seen some very interesting style requests and various hairstyles rise and fall in popularity with time. For a barber to fill one of our vacancies long term he or she must be able to keep up with current trends and still provide a very customized service that satisfies the unique tastes of every person who sits in the chair.

Personable professionalism - Barbers and beauticians have long earned the reputation of being people customers can talk to on a friendly level. Many customers look forward to sitting in the chair and having this level of interaction. Even those who don’t still want to feel well-received. And how all the professionals in the shop interact with each other impacts the atmosphere overall; Hinsdale Barber Shop must always be a friendly place to refresh your style.

Barber Vacancies: Will We Be “Now Hiring Barbers” Forever?

If you have what it takes to satisfy our loyal, high-end clientele, then we’ll be glad to hear from you. We have both full and part time barber jobs available and prefer applicants who have at least two years of barbering experience. Suitable candidates can look forward to the many exciting benefits of working with us, including a flexible schedule, guaranteed salary plus great tips, and a fun working environment. You can apply online here.

Although our high standards have made getting the barbers needed a challenge, our dedication to providing top-notch service continues to set Hinsdale Barber Shop apart - and we plan to keep it that way.