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Getting student haircuts in Chicago isn’t always as simple of a task as it should be. Students want a certain look at a price they can afford but what they often find is that the best haircuts are too expensive and a lot of the cheap barbers have yet to achieve a certain level of skill.

With a busy class schedule, academic work to complete, and usually a part-time job, the time that it takes to find the best barber shop for students can prove either fleeing or nonexistent. Here are some tips to help students find the kind of barber they want and need:

1. Don’t be hypnotized by the price

Many students and their parents try to save money any way they can, cutting corners that should never have been dismissed. Before hopping in a chair over at that barber shop that’s offering dirt cheap haircuts for students, take a moment to think, ask questions, and check things out.

A student’s personal appearance and how he or she feels about it has a big impact on their success. Getting a stylish, high quality haircut doesn’t have to break the bank and is worth your insisting on having a great barber.

2. Look for reputation, not Rolexes

Being on a tight budget doesn’t have to mean missing out on the finer things in life. Nor does getting an awesome haircut require heading over to the most upscale barber shop in the city. Just because a barber wears a fancy watch doesn’t mean the skills are there. Just because a shop has marble floors doesn’t mean you leave out of there looking and feeling great.

Aim for balance instead; a synergy of affordability and quality brought on by expert skill that has been refined by practice and passion.

3. Give Hinsdale Barber Shop a Try

The reason Hinsdale Barber Shop is one of the best places to get student haircuts in Chicago is that we’ve been serving the needs of the area’s students for more than four decades and yet have remained relevant and growing in popularity. Behind this lasting success is the remarkable drive to create awesome customer experiences and haircuts of the same caliber.

Our focus in pricing is to be competitive and affordable. Although getting to us might take you a few extra minutes of drive time, we promise it’s worth the trip.

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.“

Coco Chanel