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This past year saw a break from the norm; an increasing number of men threw away the practice of requesting their usual and arrived at the barber shop every week with a brand new look in mind.

In 2017, this change in behavior is expected to become even more widespread. Here are three of the coolest haircuts that are going to be asked for increasingly in the coming year:

Messy and Textured Hairstyles

The messy-but-professional look remained popular through 2016 and set to continue in the limelight throughout 2017. Many people like messy style haircuts not only for how it looks but the message it gets across; it offers a touch of rebellion against the “status quo” and says to the world, “I’m too busy bringing dreams to reality to waste time lacquering my every strand of hair into place.” The messy look is ironically perfect for busy people - ergo much of its expanding popularity.

Spiky Haircuts

Having both the spiky and messy hairstyles make the list communicates a lot about the popular, modern male mindset, but there are still a few folks who misinterpret these styles. Spikes have long been associated with the grunge and gothic styles, but not every guy with spiked hair ascribes to these. Instead, the spiky look is more about power, freedom, and speed - any fan of Dragonball Z can relate. Expect to see even more spiked hair in 2017.

Cropped Haircuts

The cropped look is a simple classic that continue to remain popular.thanks to its versatility and visual appeal. It’s a great haircut for any hair length and fits well with all of the most common face shapes. A cropped haircut is short on the sides and the back while the hair on the top can be any length. This style helped to bring the best out of many of the most popular men’s hairstyles for 2016 and will continue to remain a styles staple in 2017.

“When you lose a lover it's like getting a bad haircut. It grows back in time.“

Sammy Davis, Jr.

These are some of the coolest haircut styles you can expect to see next year. If you’re interested in changing up your look, consider letting our expert barbers help you master your new style.