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There are so many different hairstyles for men to choose from that finding the right one for you can be a tough task. The unlimited options is why some men just pick a style that seems to work well and then stick with that same haircut for years.

If you cannot claim with full certainty that your favorite style - the one you wear most often - is what looks best on you, then it might be time for you to find a new way to style your hair. Hairstyles for men compliment the wearer best when the style is chosen based on how well it flatters the face.

When you use this criteria to pick your haircut, it instantly filters your options. This making the decision easier, as it leaves you with a shorter list of hopefuls. That list will feature only styles that are sure to look good on you in theory. From there, pinpointing that perfect pick becomes very much about personal preference.

OvalMen with oval faces have much freedom in choosing a haircut. Their face shape goes well with just about any hairstyle. For absolute best look, however, the focus should be on drawing attention away from the forehead. This can be achieved by adding volume to the top.

Round Round faces require something that’s asymmetrical, as this gives a slimming effect. This means staying away from styles like the buzz cut and leaning more towards the businessman look, which usually comes with a snazzy side part. A layered cut works well with a round face.

“With so many hairstyles for men to choose from choosing the best one can be a big challenge. Picking what goes with your face shape makes the choice easier.“

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Men with triangle face shapes have a wide, strong jaw. Adding proportion to this shape means building a lot of volume and height on the top of the head, masking the narrowness of the temples.


The most masculine of face shapes, the square is the perfect canvas for classic styles and brings out the best in the buzz cut - the shorter the hair on a square-shaped head, the more that military look shines through. For a longer style, choose a layered or businessman cut.


With the narrow chin and wide cheeks of this rare face shape, the style should be one that adds width to the forehead. This means not going too low on the sides but using volume and angles at the top. Diamond face shapes are the perfect candidates for deep side parts - and a well-lined beard, even if it’s just a 5 o’clock shadow, will help a thin chin look a bit wider.


The oblong or rectangle face shape is the longest of all. Men with this shape should avoid styles that make the face look longer than it is. Wearing a beard when you have an oblong face is not recommended. Well-proportioned cuts like the buzz cut are the best hairstyles for this shape. Side parts and haircuts where the hair falls across the forehead are also great for an oblong shaped face.


The challenge of the heart face shape is making it appear more proportional. It can be met by taking the focus away from the wideness of the temples and the narrowness of the chin. A mid-length haircut that’s slightly swept to the side at the top will bring out the best of the heart.

A professional barber knows well how to match up hairstyles for men with the face shape of their customers. If you’d like help choosing your new look, feel free to stop by Hinsdale Barber Shop.